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More T.H. Testimonials:

“If you are in need of a pack … don’t go anywhere else. These packs are built strong to hold up to the most rugged conditions.” Jeff Lodgeman at the

“This is the best hunting pack I have ever seen. Not only perfect for hunting – but also for backpacking. I love it!” Best of luck!” Regards, Alf Tischler

“I’m back from Arizona and had a great hunt. Once again the Timber Hawk did the job of getting my Javelina out of the back country. I also have my buddy who is ready to get one. His pack from Bass Bro sucked and he cussed all the way back to the truck. When I had mine in the pack you almost could tell I had a pig in there according to him. He liked the way I loaded it into a canvas pack then into the backpack so I think you will have a new customer. Thanks, again!” — Kurt Chapman

“The bino system that Timber Hawk has on this pack is freaking epic, that little feature alone makes the pack a winner, the price doesn’t hurt either.” — Don “Huge fan of this pack. I’ve used it for weekend trips this past few months and am looking forward to deer season in a few more months.” — Jeff

“I used my Timber Hawk pack for the first time today to hang my stands. I just wanted to say that Timber Hawk makes an awesome pack. I loaded it with all kinds of gear from clothes to climbing sticks. I was very pleased with overall quality and how great it handled the heavy load. It even has a hydration system which is great for the dog and those long treks into the Pennsylvania woods. Do yourself a favor, if u are looking for a quality pack, buy Timber Hawk….you will not be sorry.” — KC

“This is by far one of the best Duffle bags out there, I used to have a Timber Hawk a couple of months back, I was unlucky enough to have the darn thing stolen at an airport in Africa. I literally went everywhere with it, very robust and can practically carry everything… I Think it’s time I get myself another one.”  — Heath